Sunday, May 6, 2012

2019 Summer Speech Therapy & Learning Program

ASL Pediatric Therapy Services is committed to stopping the dreaded "Summer Brain Drain" in learning disabled kids who are on vacation without any academic stimulation.

Summer is the best time to re-enforce this past school year of learning. It is a known fact that kids can loose up to six (6) months of learning during the summer break. Don't let your child become a victim of the dreaded "Summer Brain Drain".

ASL is able to create a customized learning program for every child. Many children from previous summer programs improved their reading skills by as many as two (2) to three (3) grade levels over the summer due to our reading and learning programs.

If your child could benefit from an academic experience now is the time to take action. Our programs are fun, and do not feel like regular school because your child will be working 1 on 1  with a professionally trained and experienced therapist. They will feel success every day, and the best part is....NO homework for children or parents.

At the start of the learning program ASL tests all children to determine their current academic level. At the conclusion of the program we retest to measure the actual level of improvement, but you will notice immediately that your child has experienced a positive change. They are much more confident and comfortable when dealing with academic and social situations.

ASL will be providing Speech-Language Therapy, Kaufman & Prompt Certified Therapy, SOS Certified Feeding Therapy, Apraxia and Oral Motor Therapy, and Intensive Reading and Academic Therapy.

The 2019 Summer Speech Therapy & Learning Program begins on Monday June 10, 2019, and will run until Friday, August 9, 2019.

Therapy sessions will be for 45 min., and run from 12:30 to 6:30 pm on
M, W, & F or T & Th.

Multiple (3, 4, or 5) day sessions will be available if the schedule is open.

Double (back to back) sessions will be available if the schedule is open.

Morning sessions will be available for multiple sessions only.

We need to confirm all therapy sessions by Thursday, May 16, 2019.

If you are looking for a summer learning program that will make a positive and measurable improvement in your child's speech, language, articulation, academic performance, and behavior; please call our office today at 954-295-1383 to discuss all of your child's options, and to schedule a Free Preregistration Consultation.

To learn more about ASL please visit our web site:

ASL is located in Weston; at 1930 N Commerce Parkway suite #3 right next door to the Marriott Courtyard Hotel.

Without the everyday stress of school...Summer is the best time for a child to learn.

Take the next step to help your child. Call ASL today!!

Positive and measurable improvement in months.........not years!!

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